Best Place for Pre-wedding Photo Shoot in Bandung, Which One You’ll Choose?

Pre wedding photo shoot isn’t just about a ritual. Some people might have valued pre-wedding photos for the reminiscence. If you’re looking for epic pre-wedding photo shoot spots, Bandung should be one of your destinations. Bandung is a great city, offers a very wide variant of spots, from the mesmerizing nature to the wonderful city spotlights. It’s all wrapped in one city. So, what are the spots you should consider?

Pre wedding Photoshoot at The 18th Restaurant and Lounge, The Trans Luxury Hotel

Pre wedding photoshoot spot in Bandung

Take a stunning shoot with your loved ones at The 18th Restaurant and Lounge, The Trans Luxury Hotel. The 18th Restaurant and Lounge is currently a rooftop restaurant that offers you mesmerizing view across the city of Bandung, from Bandung surrounding to mountain from afar. This place is the most elegant and luxurious pre-wedding spot to choose. Best tip for the photo shoot: strike a romantic pose over the 100m terrace lounge during evening to sunset, your photos will definitely be so much magical and breath-taking to show!

Pre wedding Photoshoot at Situ Cileunca

Situ Cileunca Bandung

If you’re so into outdoor pre-wedding photo shoot, Situ Cileunca might be your best choice. Situ Cileunca is a beautiful lake located in the south of Bandung. During rainy days, this place might be quite foggy, but it’s what makes the photos taken here looks mystical. Enjoy a romantic ambience there and make sure you list it as one of your photo spot option.

Pre wedding Photoshoot at Stone Garden

prewedding photoshoot in stone garden bandung

Don’t miss the chance to reminisce your special moment at Stone Garden. Stone Garden provides an effortless beauty, off course an aesthetic spot to capture. It’s located at the western area of Bandung, near Padalarang. Even though it’s surrounded by a high hilltop, you’ll not find that it’s hard to climb to the top. The view up there is very fantastic that your photos might capture the beauty of stone hills, trees and mountain just in one frame. Plus, if you come at the right time, you can get a natural sunlight dispersing between the stones.

Pre wedding Photoshoot at Braga Street

prewedding photoshoot in braga street bandung

Dive into Bandung social liveliness in Braga Street. Take a fun pre wedding photoshoot for your own uniqueness. Taking pre-wedding shoot in the city is surely fun. Make sure you dressed in a very fashionable and edgy outfits to make it looks more artistic. Play with wide vibrant colors and strike poses as playful as you can. For those free-spirited souls, this place should be the top consideration to choose.

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Pre wedding Photoshoot in Babakan Siliwangi

prewedding photoshoot in babakan siliwangi bandung

Babakan Siliwangi is a 3.8 Hectare urban forest located near Bandung Institute of Technology. If you want to get a mystical pre-wedding photo shoot in the forest without putting so much effort, this place suits your preference. Capture your casual yet pretty dope pose with your loved ones here. Best tip: take a jog or picnic pose to make it more artistic.

Pre wedding Photoshoot in Kampung Korea Bandung

prewedding photoshoot in kampung korea bandung

Are you a fan of Korean dramas? Make sure this place is listed to your pre-wedding photo shoot spot options. Kampung Korea is a hype neighborhood said to be a miniature of Korea surrounding. This place is a favorite destination for photo shoots, from family photos to movie shooting. Dress like Korean Oppa and Noona in beautiful Korean traditional dress, Hanbok. Surely, your pre-wedding photos are going to look so much fun and elegant.

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